this is blog iss so bad i cant even


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A sprite edit by me based off of brentalfloss’ character.


Do you like?

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June 15 lunar eclipse

Yesterday there was a total lunar eclipse, the first of 2011. The second of 2011 will be December 10.


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Luigi Time! at Comic Con 2010



An interesting video.

My favorite quote (2:37)

Waluigi speaking to a visitor, with Luigi next to him.

Waluigi: Who’s your favorite nintendo character?

Visitor touches Luigi’s head.

Waluigi: Dang it! Who’s your favorite nintendo character with purple?

Visitor: You, of course.


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MIDIJam and it’s alliances (actually, just its alliances)

The Middle

The Middle! Yay!

Temple of Doom

Temple of DOOOOOOOM!!!
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Now first, I know, you think this is taken from Family Guy to this movie, but you’re mistaken for two reasons:

1. This is 1962.

2. Family Guy only made it popular. The only ACTUAL credit goes to Meredith Wilson (www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meredith_Wilson) for making the play that started it, The Music Man, in 1957.

Now that you have it clear, here it is, Shipoopi:


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